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There are those however who have a custom (Jews from Aleppo, Syria) on Tisha B'Av to privately put on tefillin at home and pray privately, say the Amidah and take off the tefillin and go to synagogue to finish the prayers.Ashkenazim put on and remove the arm tefillin while standing in accordance to the Shulchan Aruch, while most Sephardim do so while sitting in accordance with the Ari.All, however, put on and remove the head tefillin while standing.An Ashkenazi says two blessings when laying tefillin, the first before he ties the arm-tefillin: ...lehani'ach tefillin ("to bind tefillin"), and the second after placing the head tefillin: ..mitzvat tefillin ("as to the commandment of tefillin"), thereafter he tightens the head straps and says "Baruch Shem Kovod...." ("blessed be the holy name") Sephardim and many members of the Chabad Orthodox movement only recite the blessing on the head-tefillah if they spoke about something not related to tefillin since reciting the blessing on the arm-tefillah.

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The scriptural texts for tefillin are obscure in literal meaning.

For example, Deuteronomy is one of the standard texts referenced as supporting the obligation, but does not designate what specifically to "bind upon your arm," and the definition of totafot between your eyes is not obvious.

It is the Talmud, the authoritative oral tradition for Rabbinic Judaism, which explains what are to be bound to the body and the form of tefillin.

This idea comes from the verse "This is my God and I will glorify Him" (Exodus 15:2).

The Jewish Sages explain: "Is it possible for a human being to add glory to his Creator?

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