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Drawing upon this African insight, the rock star Bono asks: “could it be that all Americans are, in that sense, African-Americans?” Theologically and practically, the Church calls all people to witness to the innumerable ways that “I am because we are.” Contrary to science, however, society uses discrepant terms for “race.” For example, application forms that request an individual’s race use terms that refer to color (white, black), a common cultural and linguistic heritage (Hispanic), or a broad geographical region (Asian).A 1913 South Carolina Federal District Court case, Ex Parte Shahid, for example, rejected the application for naturalization of a Syrian-born man based upon the court’s interpretation of physical European white characteristics.Ironically, citing the ambiguity of “free white persons” in the first naturalization statute approved in 1790, the court’s decision asks: “what is a white person?To overcome discrimination, a community must interiorize the values that inspire just laws and live out, in day-to-day life, the conviction of equal dignity of all.[2] The Church is clear that conversion of people’s hearts must be joined with denunciation of every form of exclusion, and that the State and society should promote “equitable behavior, legislative dispositions, and social structures.”[3] Du Bois’ prescience regarding the persistence of racial injustice is no small part due to its historical rootedness.Race has been “a fundamental in global politics and culture for half a millennium.In great pain and terror one begins to assess the history which has placed one where one is and formed one’s point of view.[11] Deeper assumptions about whiteness and non-whiteness have been socially constructed and re-inscribed throughout U. legal history.[12] The interrelationship between cultural and legal construction of whiteness and non-whiteness is a powerful engine driving the continuity of racial assumptions that persist throughout U. In other words, the legal construction of white and non-white in U. history is one engine that drives the way that the past continues to shape the present. This “naturalization” of whiteness has been established upon a set of unscientific assumptions concerning racial physical characteristics that have been established and reestablished as publicly held common sense knowledge through U. Laws defining race and racial differences find their origin in ideas promulgated by modern European philosophers such as David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and Georg Hegel, to name only a few of many modern philosophers who argued for the intellectual, moral, physical, cultural, and aesthetic superiority of European “whites” over other socially constructed categories of races, such as “Africans, Orientals, and Lapps.” In 1684, the French physician Francois Bernier first divided races by skin color.Whiteness has been made to appear natural, that is, as objective scientific fact, in U. A prominent naturalist, Carolus Linnaeus, published The Natural System in 1735 in which he established four races: Europeans, Asians, Africans, and Americans. The only people created equal by those documents were white, land-owning males. Anti-miscegenation laws, dating back to seventeenth century colonial America, were one primary way that social boundaries of white and non-white were drawn.

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Divine revelation “insists on the unity of the human family.”[7] The African proverb that “I am because we are” says it best.I built a blog on rejection with 8.5 million Youtube views, wrote a book that was the #1 best-selling on Audible, gave a TED talk with one of the highest views (3.5M) this year, and traveled around the world speaking about rejection and getting paid. So why am I also spending money, time and energy on building a mobile app? I have a book, a blog, a TED talk, speaking engagements and Rejection Therapy the card game, which I acquired from the original owner.Here is why: This past week, I met a financial planner named Mark. Knowing the power of Rejection Therapy, I want more, a lot more people like Mark to have and tell me stories like this. But none of them can step-by-step guide people to carry out rejection challenges toward their goals, improve their user experiences based on real data, and scale up the operations to many more people. If you love trying new things and believe in the power of Rejection Therapy, and want to be one of the first people to test out and provide me with honest feedback for this app, put in your information here. If you are, or know any amazing mobile app (i OS or Android) developers, reach out to me.There was once upon a time in my life that all I wanted was to leave the corporate world and be on my own.I failed, and then in spite of, and because of my failure, I succeeded.

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